Disney Set To Acquire Twenty-First Century Fox

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As I continue my break from reviewing consistently, to play FFXIV and Persona 5, I still try to pay attention to some relevant news.

It’s not too surprising that the Walt Disney Company finally made its move to acquire most of 21st Century Fox. Disney has been trying to set itself up to compete with Amazon, Netflix and other companies that offer online services.

While the deal won’t be finalized in the near future, I can’t imagine it not happening.

With that said, the news of Disney being greater than it is could either prove to be crappy or awesome. Yeah Disney becoming that more of a giant in control of so many properties might make certain franchises to become very pc. Who knows what will happen with Deadpool, it’s hard to picture Disney letting them create another foul speaking bloody action comedy film with their name on it. Unless they will try to keep Fox as their go to adult section, it might be horrible for Marvel if they can only create PG-13 movies for characters that are clearly suited for Rated R.

On the other hand, with almost all of Marvel Comics under one roof sounds like heaven. That’s not to say everything brought to a screen under the Marvel umbrella has been great, but for the most part they have created some great projects in comparison to what Fox had put out. Just think they finally might create a great X-Men movie. Maybe even a watchable Fantastic Four movie.

Here’s hoping for the latter because the former sounds too sad.

Tell me what you think about the merger. Good or bad for Hollywood? What about for the viewers?

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