Playtime Before Dinner

Runnstumbley over the cluttereven terrain that had just been repillaged

went the Upstanian Prince scurhurried towards the village.

Hunting the chaintwisted glowrling Eiggam that would threaten his people

it had already blurdered many this sweavingly evil beagweasel.


Pew tew, pew tew, pew pew pew! Lazers whizapping

the Prince unleashed his sumazing zapster with noises cracking.

Eiggam responded back with the louderest glowrl

as the prince went climblying into a barrier sending him atwirl.


Taking cover the Prince began to refluff his zapster

it now could fire bouldrubble in a finession manner.

Debris flying around and destroying Upstanian land

the Prince made one last boomblast that went boom boom blam.


The last boomblast landed on the beast to make the playkill

Then all of a sudden, a loud war horn sounded that made time stand still.

That stopped the prince and awoke the beast.

The horn was the Queen that alerted them that it was soon time to feast.


The dog ran away towards the yummy aroma

just as he finished cleaning he was excited about his future food coma.

The boy jumped up hurried to his feet

It was mom again shouting it was time to eat.

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