Update #1 and back to Eorzea


Just a quick update. I for some reason felt the need to waste more time in my life and got a subscription to FFXIV again. So for the next 60 days this game will consume a chunk of time I imagine. I’ve been trying to keep posting once a day, but that might get scaled back to a few times a week as I’m expecting to get about 10 PS4 games I order on Black Friday from the U.S. I’ll try to keep the pace going, but doubt it will happen.

FFXIV Kensei 1-min

That being said, anyone else play or have played FFXIV? Let me know what you think about the game. I haven’t played in maybe 2 or 3 years. I loved it then, but at the time there wasn’t any more story content and the end game just got sort of boring. My heart for mmorpg will always be for FFXI, but FFXIV looks so pretty and it’s fun to play.

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  1. I didn’t play because I don’t really am pro paying monthly to play a game… But I really wanted to though xD it must be amazing

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